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Fulfilling the Intergenerational contract: care for each other.

Northeastern Pennsylvania


Northeastern Pennsylvania




Analysts expect that there will be 70 million people over age 65 in about 10 years. This will create a "longevity economy", sparked by more people living active, energetic, and engaged lives than ever before.  It may spur innovative services and changing family structures.


Maintaining accurate control of money becomes more of a challenge as aging affects cognition. Initial skill declines are barely perceptible. Individuals who suffer money losses may find it too embarrassing to disclose it to anyone. This can bring vulnerability and exposure risks to even the most active seniors. INCLUGEN is designed to assist and protect them in day-to-day financial dealings.




INCLUGEN was established by John Walsh.  In the mid-1990's, it was just a concept titled "ElderServe" - - - services to assist elderly homeowners who wanted to maintain their independence in their own home. For years, it remained an undeveloped idea until he found himself increasingly helping seniors navigate through difficulties they were having through no fault of their own. . .  the expensive furnace repair that didn't fix the heat; utilities being shut off without adequate warning; mortgage escrow accounts that didn't cover tax bills; insurance for property no longer owned; confusing telephone bills for residential versus mobile service.  Though hesitant to ask for help, seniors found themselves in predicaments that were often difficult to comprehend.




In each case, it took some investigation to figure out what happened:    

  • a water company had unilaterally STOPPED their automatic payment process due to a corporate merger, resulting in unpaid water bills, and then water was shut off.

  • monthly mortgage payments had included funding for a property tax escrow account, but after the mortgage was finally paid off,  tax payments were no longer made resulting in tax delinquency. 

  • home insurance premium annual increases without periodic review resulted in hundreds of dollars in excess payments annually.

  • Utilities' marketing of insurance plans that were construed to be 'required' payments by customer.




The reality is that even people who are still active, smart, and financially secure may still need an advocate's help.  Ordinarily, this responsibility will fall on the succeeding generation of adult children or relatives.  But these intergenerational challenges can come at a time when adult children are also deeply immersed in their careers and caring for their own children.  The stress of coordinating care for multiple generations can be overwhelming.  At times, adult children just can't manage to do it all.  Or sometimes aging parents are hesitant to settle on one of the adult children for help.  That is when it can make sense for a reliable non-relative to serve as an Interested Party for an extra level of account transparency with creditors, bankers, accountants, lawyers, and financial professionals.




Along with accounting, financial management and compliance expertise, our experience with information management as Globe Digital corporation has included technologies for receiving, tracking, budgeting, and paying utility invoices.  These are the types of daily living activities that can frustrate seniors.  We understand that help is needed to protect them from the sometimes overwhelming burdens of paperwork, bills, notices, marketing offers, solicitations, and mail.  INCLUGEN's services help to maintain seniors' dignity as well as their connectedness with adult children.

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Through observation, some seniors who are otherwise healthy cannot adequately maintain the financial equilibrium that they always managed. The friendly senior who is outgoing and approachable can be targeted as a trusting giver; the financially sophisticated parent who is comfortable moving funds around can unknowingly put large savings at risk; a frugal spouse can be enticed by ‘bargains’ that turn out to be scams. Even small dollar losses can lead to escalating impropriety, until suddenly, elderly victims find themselves being told that they can no longer stay in their own home. INCLUGEN helps seniors with the upkeep of their daily household finances so that they can remain wherever they call home.   


This is an intergenerational challenge. INCLUGEN bridges an important gap in fulfillment of the "generational contract": helping to include adult children caring for their older parents or relatives. We keep clients from being overwhelmed. Our services assist with day-to-day paperwork and any related financial tasks. INCLUGEN services can be tailored to meet any need, whether living at home, in assisted living, or an in-law apartment.  We serve seniors and adult children/relatives.

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